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Friday, March 29, 2013

Digital Design Essentials: 100 ways to design better desktop, web, and mobile interfaces

I got an email from my publisher that my book on digital design is going to be out and available by May 1.

check the digital design book at amazon.com

Check the Digital Design book at Amazon

Digital Design Essentials takes a practical, highly accessible approach to creating graphical user interface designs for desktop, mobile, and touch screen devices. Written by an expert in the realm of digital design, this comprehensive, step-by-step guide demonstrates how to apply design principles in a variety of desktops, web pages, mobile devices and other touchscreens. Filled with straightforward strategies in a visual format, it’s an essential volume for any designer working in the digital realm.

Here is the information about the book from the jacket cover

Digital Design Essentials

Whether dashboard software or a single-page website, a location-aware mobile app or a 10-foot TV interface, digital design is the tip of the iceberg; the actual design is not how it looks but how it works. Dive deep into the workings of one hundred popular desktop, Web, mobile, and TV user interfaces. Digital Design Essentials is a comprehensive, cross-disciplinary encyclopedia of user interface design. Richly illustrated and easy to navigate, it includes architectural views of the application, best practices and design guidelines, tips for creating a great user experience, along with live examples. Every major user interface concept is defined and illustrated for readers, including command line, "WIMP,” metro UI, skeuomorphic design, accessible web interface, e-commerce, zooming user interface, infographic design, adaptive interface, mobile lifestyle apps, voice interface, and intelligent user interface.

Learn best practices, design guidelines and pointers for creating a compelling user experience. Digital Design Essentials provides the experienced designer with an understanding of application design and user interfaces. Raj Lal points out the different components affecting the user experience and design principles applicable in an array of application interfaces, enabling the reader to understand the inner working of the application, plan key features, apply design guidelines, and choose the best practices instead of reinventing the wheel.

Digital Design Essentials:

● Provides a comprehensive guide to user interface design
● Explains the know-how necessary to understand the application interface
● Points out components affecting the user’s experience of the application
● Provides user interface design guidelines and best practices for design
● Illustrates concepts with a case study for each essential, using real-life examples

Digital Design Essentials is an invaluable resource for graphic artists, UI designers, UX gurus, Web designers, RIA, mobile, and device developers.

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Blogger The Geeks said...

hi..Im college student, thanks for sharing :)

January 16, 2014 at 12:27 AM  

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Digital Design Essentials
100 ways to design better desktop, web, and mobile interfaces

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